The universe we know

The position of the earth around the sun, the presence of organic materials and water and a warm climate – all make life on our planet possible. Everywhere we look, it appears that the world was designed so that we could flourish. But all in a sudden I feel so relief. As to the diversity of life, and as it’s said “most of living involves simple tasks; the answer to the question might just be there’s no meaning other than living life for it’s simple pleasure and responsibilities”. Starting to feel it’s the right path, a path to living life of no more than simple tasks and rich and complex emotions – it’s physiologically lawful to have different layers of emotions, and happiness. Our illusion after all is a need to assume the existence of the earth, of life and of the universe require something more profound; a universe with no purpose may be unthinkable and.


not all the words are my own

I am finally happy:D

Chinese art

A special thank you to dear friend Frank Gerlitzki and the team who took part in our 2014 cover design exploring phase.

He has an open artist-run space in Guangzhou Canton Espace apART.

See the exhibitions and contacts here,

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Join the group for sharing arts.



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Publishing this season

It’s never been easy, and emerges just as beautiful.


My 3rd year in this all things commercial world begins.

For little known

The road had gone bit far.

Joanna Newsom Clam, Crab, Cockle, Cowrie

Agnes Obel (riverside) Sons and Daughters

The Frames Bad Bones


and so on

“The 12:30 train, Nelly, will get you into London just after 1:00. If you return on the 2:30, you should be back in Richmond soon after 3:00. Do I miscalculate?”

I looked out the window,  white sea with light sunset color, suddenly realized the assumed routine was never the plan and this new road isn’t bad after all.



And the rain keeps pouring. It’s like the first rain after too long. Yes, those long autumns and winters. A day in end of March getting the sense of summer unexpectedly freaked the hell out of me – it took me quite some time to figure out what that sense was – and I tried processing it out.

I drawn out a quick quick note, a page. To breathe. Lots of flash back going on while I couldn’t catch and name them.


Welcome to summer. Try (harder) to stay in your sanity.


Count your business




Best childhood friends today!


The seasons note # 1 (for the sake of spring)

Live on coffee and flowers:)

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