It’s like yesterday

It was actually yesterday

You looked else where

Like the girl on bridge


Little talks

Or a rich meal

A call


I see the morning light

I thought I saw the morning light

Just like yesterday





hashtag south

hashtag south

To people who fear changes and to myself

有没有觉得平常的日子很幸福?是从什么时候开始,随意逛逛、照顾好自己、给自己时间 — 这些,成了奢侈的事.

I long for a boring daily life.

Yes, that’s what I think.

A life like working 9a-5p, learning new things every day and from the people around you, having meals with family, meeting friends and sunbake on grass in city park on a Saturday afternoon… to take a walk, to make a grocery list… Thursday casual drinks, Friday party.

Not: being away all time, work without bigger purposes than “being successful” itself, missing proper time for food every single day and result in having whatever you can get by, losing interests in about everything, being cranky to everyone, and when you do have the energy for a drink outside, you start crying or just laughing real hard at anything.

I wish for a day not starting with my boss giving me the first call in morning and we start yelling at each other. My day starts at noon now simply because I cannot get my ass off bed and I in fact use to enjoyed very much waking up insanely early, read anything else over a cup of coffee, then started working from home. And office. Or got on the road when there’s an assignment. Worked till whenever the tasks of the day were done and I was perfectly happy.

What went wrong?

A dear friend recommended me to start the changes with exercising and breath meditation before bed. And I thought I needed a change of environment.

Like the migrant (somehow I’m thinking about twitter right now and how much I love using it).

I am also learning to express feelings and admitting flaws and defeats without sugar coating or coding it.

Yes, I think what I think I think. Aren’t we all.


House in green

He’s almost sure there might be a note.

The shade of bougainvillea just flicked.

Door knocked.


It must have been too long.

She pushed her hands through her thin fussy hair, gazed at the balcony.



That summer was serene, left only green in laurel.

“I was always jealous, when I was a kid, of families who planted pomegranate trees in the yard.”

He would barely notice a pomegranate tree; never seen one; or her.


The room in the back yard was not locked.

It must have been too long.

Lychee buds were all over the pot.


Layers: spring bougainvillea in rain, daisy field in early summer, poppy on yellow paper, tiny fruits from yard, pomegranate beach dress

“Nothing is real.”

“What is, son?”

Everything’s permitted.

Walked away, only could it be anywhere. 

The stunningly pale, and dusty and bold, all were forgotten and that’s okay; she was sure.

Suna. Guim Tió Zarraluki

Suna. Guim Tió Zarraluki

The dots

Be frighten.

And tremble.

It’s less than what it is.




The unknown and the unknown of fear itself.



Be tremble.

It’s less than what it is.


Summer and Megan Diddie


So it flows.


Perhaps light leaks through woods, perhaps stars outshine upon.

Perhaps the river.

Like a river.

Thoughts are solid.

And she saw grass on the deck.


Perhaps the white sound crashing on the shore, perhaps the blue sunset by lighthouse.

Perhaps a day with no frames.

Like colors exposed.

Or in dark.

She pours a glass of water, waited.

Sato Kanae

Sato Kanae

It flows.

She wouldn’t have known.

It comes to the warm sun.

She wouldn’t have known.

It’s forgotten.

It would not matter.

This minute will not repeat and it don’t matter.



Grab a bit and have her long strong coffee, the day has just settled.

Perhaps another day.


Thoughts are solid.

The universe we know

The position of the earth around the sun, the presence of organic materials and water and a warm climate – all make life on our planet possible. Everywhere we look, it appears that the world was designed so that we could flourish. But all in a sudden I feel so relief. As to the diversity of life, and as it’s said “most of living involves simple tasks; the answer to the question might just be there’s no meaning other than living life for it’s simple pleasure and responsibilities”. Starting to feel it’s the right path, a path to living life of no more than simple tasks and rich and complex emotions – it’s physiologically lawful to have different layers of emotions, and happiness. Our illusion after all is a need to assume the existence of the earth, of life and of the universe require something more profound; a universe with no purpose may be unthinkable.


What a bliss.

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