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I like it because I cannot name it

Recent add on some wall cracks, with a handy toothbrush.

Leave it or live it. 10 things I learn from working with Chinese

I need some time to process what’s just happening, if that’s ok?

1. What you’re told is not what you’re told


2. Inform someone about next day’s status meeting at all the wrong time and places possibly could be is a common practice


3. Office working hours is for status meeting

And you get sentimental.

4. You write “16:00-18:00 Writing today’s report” and it’s perfectly okay


5. Highly concern about the details don’t matter


6. You know what to say


7. You compromise. Working from a cafe instead of the office on a Saturday. And you feel guilty.


And you can’t help it.

8. Call in on Sundays is considered normal

9. Call in on holidays is considerred normal

10. Your co workers start acting like your clients


It’s like yesterday

It was yesterday

You looked else where

Like the girl on bridge





hashtag south

hashtag south

Protected: To people who fear changes and to myself

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House in green

He’s almost sure there might be a note.

The shade of bougainvillea just flicked.

Door knocked.


It must have been too long.

She pushed her hands through her thin fussy hair, gazed at the balcony.



That summer was serene, left only green in laurel.

“I was always jealous, when I was a kid, of families who planted pomegranate trees in the yard.”

He would barely notice a pomegranate tree; never seen one; or her.


The room in the back yard was not locked.

It must have been too long.

Lychee buds were all over the pot.


Layers: spring bougainvillea in rain, daisy field in early summer, poppy on yellow paper, tiny fruits from yard, pomegranate beach dress

“Nothing is real.”

“What is, son?”

Everything’s permitted.

Walked away, only could it be anywhere. 

The stunningly pale, and dusty and bold, all were forgotten and that’s okay; she was sure.

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